Utech Introduces Cultural Due Diligence Process for Mergers and Acquisitions

Utech Consulting, Inc. is pleased to introduce our Cultural Due Diligence process for companies considering or going through a merger or acquisition.

Founded in 1991, Utech works with clients across the country to break down the relational barriers that limit personal and professional performance and growth. Their proven interactional focus delivers results, getting at the root of problems quickly.

Utech’s Cultural Due Diligence process is built to address the fact that merger success is possible; however, being part of the 17% that succeeds, rather than the 83% that does not, requires more than insight. Corporate culture is critical to a successful integration, and cultural due diligence reveals the high-priority culture and leadership challenges that will need to be addressed on day one.

The exclusive Culture Intel™ profile created by Utech is a survey that measures and quantifies behaviors, and how people within a company get work done. Armed with this powerful knowledge leaders can avoid the pitfalls so many companies have experienced during their merger or acquisition, so they can be proactive rather than reactive.

To view the complete press release, visit www.prweb.com/releases/utech/culturalduediligence/prweb12903885.htm .