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Forming a high-functioning team built on trust, openness and accountability is an active and intentional process. Utech’s Team Development Intensive (TDI) accelerates the team formation process by creating experiences for leaders to gain self-awareness, practice giving and receiving feedback and breaking down relational barriers to enhance the level of teamwork. The outcome of this work is to get leaders aligned on how they operate, work together and move things forward.  


The following are common outcomes when going through the TDI process:

  • Improved teamwork, problem-solving and decision-making
  • Each participant will gain more self-awareness into their leadership and feeling that influence their choices and, ultimately, their impact on others
  • Identify common defenses that shut down openness and inhibit problem-solving 
  • Improved ability to dissolve interpersonal conflict
  • Integration of a common language for improving interpersonal relationships
  • Create a clarity of purpose and alignment toward desired culture
  • Development of practical skills to improve effective workplace behavior
  • The team will become more bonded and trusting and gain a sense of resiliency through the process, which will allow them to become more comfortable with having honest, direct conversations.
Organizational Team Development with The Utech Group

"We engaged the Utech Group first and foremost as a partner to help us develop our top talent. They are just great individuals from an HR perspective to bounce ideas off of."

Robyn Wiegand
Corporate Director HR
Curt G. Joa, Inc.