What We Do
Culture & Strategy Implementation

What drives your culture?

Culture and values lay the foundation for ongoing success and growth. Organizations with a strong workplace culture are able to differentiate themselves in the community and have stronger rates of retention, accountability and growth.

Discover your true organizational culture and the factors that drive it. Culture is driven by the values and beliefs of leadership, put into action by employees and experienced by your customers and in the community. It comes from the heart. Oftentimes, however, values are turned into items used to decorate the office and on marketing materials. The Utech Group is driven to take those values off the walls and make them come alive, to create energy, alignment and growth.

Our Process:

Align. Leadership alignment is critical. Without it, growth is not sustainable. Utech will identify your true culture, areas of alignment and misalignment and develop a path that gets everyone on the same page. We utilize findings to develop a customized plan for culture implementation.

Define. Clearly define the culture you seek and articulate the values you are moving toward. Utech helps you define your values and a culture statement that articulates who you are, where you want to go as an organization and how to put the values into action.

Train. Once the driving values of the organization have been defined, it is critical to begin training the organization to live its values. Utech will equip your leaders and develop cultural ambassadors, giving them the tools and strategies to implement and operationalize the values throughout the organization.

Implement: Ownership for the values comes when employees have an opportunity to shape what the values mean and how they will live them out in their day-to-day interactions. Next steps include communicating and operationalizing the values throughout the organization. This process takes the values off the wall and puts them into action.

Measure. Quantify your culture and measure progress and growth over time with the the IllumyxCulture Audit. Illumyx™ provides a baseline for improving your leadership and organizational culture and allows you to take measurable steps to take focused actions to strengthen employee engagement and create a growth-oriented workplace.

illumyx culture audit

Before you know where you want to go, it is important to have a baseline measurement of where you are. illumyx™ is a behavioral inventory tool that allows leaders to see the strengths of their organization, while highlighting the challenges to be addressed — all in an intuitive, easy-to-understand visual interface. illumyx™ acts as a cultural P&L, clearly showing the workplace culture you have. This provides a baseline for improving your leadership and organizational culture and allows you to take measurable steps to improve employee engagement and create a growth-oriented workplace. 

  1. Discover — Set the culture initiative up for success by aligning around top culture objectives and conducting robust discovery focus groups and feedback interviews to engage all and create buy-in.
  2. Build & Launch — Customize the illumyx Culture Audit based on a qualitative assessment done through stakeholder interviews and focus groups. Our team works with you to develop a culture roadmap with supporting communication strategy that leads you from survey deployment to action planning.
  3. Analyze — Utilize our proprietary Culture Audit to measure and diagnose current culture across departments, emphasizing the behaviors required to improve trust, communication, and to reach cultural growth goals. Through robust analytics, we will identify and prioritize the behaviors that will focus your actions to deliver targeted improvements.
  4. Action & Implementation — Create alignment on organizational culture goals and develop targeted plans that clearly define behaviors and actions to start, stop and amplify. Develop a plan to put the values in action, along with ongoing monitoring of your progress.

"As a CPA by background, I thought the financials were the most important piece of the business and I learned very quickly that the finances follow the culture. That was a big educational piece for a CPA. Now, I spend the majority of my time on culture."

Sandy Fragale