What We Do
Leadership Development & Training
Lasting change starts with you

Leadership, at any level, is rewarding and challenging. Gaining a greater understanding of your strengths and weaknesses through assessments and feedback provides insight into how you work and your potential to have a greater impact with your leadership. We focus on coaching leaders in the context of their team, culture and organization because growth happens in the context of our relationships with others. These insights help define a path to unlock your potential.

Potential focus areas for coaching:
  • Being an effective listener (utilizing the ECHO Listening Profile)
  • Becoming an intentional communicator
  • Change management
  • Strategic thinking
  • Values elicitation processes, focusing on leadership
  • Defensive behaviors
  • Overcoming limiting beliefs
  • Developing self and others

"When I saw the conversations we were having, the progress we were making, it was clear we were on the right path."

Sachin Shivaram
Wisconsin Aluminum Foundry