Workshop solutions.

The Utech Group offers various change management and organizational development training and workshops. Our workshops equip teams and leaders with skills and strategies to drive change, handle conflict and build trust and openness in the workplace.   


Dig-ins are topic-based trainings for individuals and teams to learn, reflect and grow. These sessions may be attended individually, as part of a six-part series or customized from a menu of 24 topics. These 90-minute sessions will help you better understand critical and timely team topics and trends. Sessions can be delivered in person or virtually.


We offer three levels of Collectives. These group forums take a proactive approach to developing you and other leaders to expand your influence. Each Collective meets monthly, bringing together 8 to 12 individuals in a confidential setting. Collective cohorts begin at five or six times a year. Contact us if interested in joining a Collective or want additional information.

Leadership Collective is designed to push you out of your comfort zone toward a deeper understanding of yourself and others. In a highly interactive format, we will discover new approaches to leading and developing teams, becoming catalysts for change along the way.

Advanced Collective is designed to take leaders to the next level with culture strategy and implementation. Our focus is to continue to build and challenge your leadership in the areas of self, leadership, team and culture.

Collective Forum is designed for executives and is participant-driven.

Customized Collective — Uniquely offered for any organizational team.


We can create custom training unique to your organization, team or individual needs. The format, timeframe and topics can be specifically crafted for your culture while challenging participants to further advance their leadership. We help you create options that deliver results.

We understand that every organization is different. They have different team dynamics and unique challenges. For that reason, we work with you to develop an approach that will help your team grow. We offer personalized trainings, half-day sessions and training programs that are tailored to your needs. We help you create options that deliver results.

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"As part of the Collective, I was in a room with business leaders from across Wisconsin and at the end of the day, we all had the same problems. It was just neat to use what Utech gave you and we were all teaching each other."

Shawn Mueller
Vice president of Customer acquisitions
Bayland Buildings, Inc.