Growth & Innovation:  Now is Not the Time to Play it Safe

Leaders of organizations have gone through a whirlwind of change and disruption, over the past two years.  Today, they face the challenges of a post-pandemic world, the Great Resignation, the War for Talent, supply chain issues, the war in Ukraine and inflation.  In addition, World Bank’s President, David Malpass, is one of many to say that a recession will be “hard to avoid” for many countries.  This is yet another reality that leaders are facing.  People are tired and the burden that leaders carry is heavy.    

With so much going on, it may seem easier to pull back from implementing or investing in growth and development.  I would argue that there is no better time to focus on growth and innovation, than the present moment. 

Ways to Focus on Growth and Innovation

  1. Look for Opportunities. In times of uncertainty and change, it’s easy to have a scarcity mindset to focus on the limited resources you have and to protect knowledge and accomplishments.  Leaders with a scarcity mindset, for example, may limit sharing their knowledge or experience with others for fear of no longer being needed.  With an abundance mindset – where you focus on the idea that there are enough resources, opportunities and success – leaders share their knowledge because helping others succeed cultivates success for the whole.  Train your mind to see the possibilities and model that mindset for others.
  2. Take Action. Leaders have a myriad of available excuses to not grow, change and develop.  Some leaders have put a number of initiatives on the back burner or have excused organizational behaviors that misalign with their stated values because “now isn’t the time to rock the boat.”  On the other hand, I know of leaders who have taken charge, to chart the course, are focused on strengthening their leadership culture and are finding opportunities for growth in their industry. They have taken challenges and turned them into opportunities, and you can, too.
  3. Plan for the Future. If there’s anything that we’ve learned from the past two years, it is that being good today does not mean we have what it takes to be great for the months and years to come.  While staying consistent and playing it safe can feel right, now is the time to innovate and plan for the future.  Where are the opportunities for growth? What do you anticipate as problems that your organization can solve? Every potential problem is an opportunity for growth and innovation. 

As leaders, the decisions we make can have a tremendous impact on employees and on our organizations.  When we experience hardships and know that there’s more to come, it can feel natural to take a cautious approach and minimize risks going forward.  However, it is in these moments that we should focus on growth and innovation.  It is in these moments that we should take action and invest in the development of our employees, teams and organization.  These moments are the opportunities where we define our future. 

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