Utech Leadership Transition

The year 2021 marks a significant milestone for The Utech Group, as the company celebrates its 30-year anniversary and transitions ownership to the second generation. For 30 years, The Utech Group has been impacting people’s lives through cultural alignment and customized organizational development. Their unique approach uncovers barriers preventing organizational growth. Through the development of a solid structure of strong leaders and high-functioning teams, Utech addresses these conflicts and delivers lasting results that change lives.

Over the past seven years, Ken Utech, founder of The Utech Group, has been transitioning ownership shares to his daughter and CEO, Melissa Borowicz, allowing for a seamless transition with customers and the community. The thoughtful transition provided time to build a team of experts who will continue to serve Utech’s clients and carry out the company’s mission. Effective January 1, 2021, Melissa will purchase Ken’s remaining shares and become majority owner (Christine Utech will retain her shares in the business). Ken will continue working with The Utech Group, acting in a strategic role with clients and serving as an advisor to the business.

Melissa joined The Utech Group in 2004, transitioning from the field of marriage and family therapy. She brought a unique skillset in family dynamics and systems work to the team, applying her vast knowledge and experience to family-owned and privately held businesses. In 2006, she started the Utech Leadership Collective, a program focused on helping leaders become self-sufficient, challenging them to grow in their positions, and giving them the tools to serve as experts in change management and leadership and team development. Utech has grown through an expansion of services and the addition of talent. The cohesive and collaborative team is committed to the company, its values, and the clients they serve.

Utech’s services focus on change management, starting with the most important aspect of an organization: the people. “While some believe emotions don’t have a place in business and that one’s personal and professional lives should remain separate, people are fueled by their personal and emotional experiences. Unique company culture is created through engagement, interactions, and emotions employees bring to the workplace,” Borowicz explains.

Driven by this belief, Utech dives into organizations to discover and surface the source of workplace tension. Working with leadership teams, Utech illuminates individuals’ self-awareness and their impact on the overall culture of an organization. Then…and only then…can a team move together toward a common vision and goal.