Dan Ritter

illumyx Specialist

Dan is the illumyx Culture Analytics Specialist at the Utech Group. Before joining the Utech team, Dan was a logistics manager who led operations from last place rankings to top of class. He attributes his success to a combination of metric-based performance analysis and intentionally cultivating a positive workplace experience for his team.

Dan loves exploring the wilderness and likens it to the business world: If you know where you are and have a plan to move forward, it’s an exciting and enjoyable experience. If not, it’s called “survival.” Driven by this belief, Dan works closely with clients to create a positive, thriving culture where people can develop and grow.

Dan’s other passions include the arts, travel, and above all else, spending time with his beautiful family.


Contact Information
E: dritter@illumyx.com

"I love embarking on partnerships with the purpose of exploration and awareness. Truly understanding where you are, and how you got there, can lead to great rewards. "
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