Connecting the Divide

Posted November 9, 2016 by Ken Utech

Fear. It is the lingering figure that waits around the corner. The monster that taunts us in our sleep, and the heavy, overwhelming presence that we drag around with us all our lives. It masks our eyes and whispers into our ears the dangers of the world.

They’re not going to like your idea. You’re going to come off a know-it-all. No one believes you can do this. You’re not going to succeed, so why try?

Fear plants these thoughts into our minds. Allowing these ideas to infect and stop us from expressing our opinions or showing our emotions. Fear limits us to a singular way of thinking and prevents us from growing – growing as people and from growing close to each other.

pexels-photo-48566-largeBefore we know it, we have secluded ourselves with Fear. We’ve pushed everything away and let Fear corrupt our minds and numb our feelings. We’ve allowed it to govern our lives and gave it a home, where it constantly reminds us, “I am all you have.”

But that’s not true.

Whether it be between companies, employees, family or friends, Fear is a part of all our lives. People are afraid of being judge, of letting down their guards and fully embracing their experiences. They turn their backs to those who disagree or criticize them, and open their ears to only those who support their cause.

And this makes for a lonely world.

At Utech, we see the divide within companies we’ve worked with and we actively work to bridge the gap. We love deeply. We love hard. And regardless of differences—race, creed, political affiliations, gender—we step into the mess of life and take Fear head on.
We need to shed ourselves of the illusion that separates us. To see and accept one another as people. To take in the moment and allow ourselves to be vulnerable to our emotions and experiences. Yes, there will be times where we get hurt. But the connections we make, the people we meet and the experiences we share will support us. They will love and challenge us to move beyond our fears and insecurities to create wholeness.

Our ability to be human, and to love, is what connects us.



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