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“Our leadership at Morton has been moving toward creating an empowered culture with strong teamwork. We felt we had made progress, but had no way of measuring if our efforts were paying off. The results we received from Illumyx helped us to understand the progress we had made, but also helped us create an action plan by identifying the steps we still needed to take to continue to make progress in creating change and engaging our workforce. If you need help knowing where to focus your efforts to create impactful change in your organization, Illumyx will help you get there.”

– Kate Morton-Springborn, Director of Human Resources, Morton Drug Company


“We acquired an organization thinking we were culturally aligned. Months in we realized we weren’t. Much of our time was spent focused on managing our differences instead of focusing on our alignment. Our engagement with Utech started with our acquisition and aligning culture, and then we transitioned to focusing that alignment on developing and aligning our leaders. Utech helped us through that whole process.

The outcome is that we became more efficient and stronger – not only intellectually, but also stronger in what we deliver to our client partners. Culture is one of our key ingredients as an organization. Our culture drives our pillars of innovation, having fun and being personally responsible.

If we didn’t use Utech, we wouldn’t be as far with our leadership team and with our growth as an organization.”

– Kate Burgess, CEO/Owner, Elevate97


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“Having a culturally aligned organization allows you to make successful, timely, well-thought-out business decisions. One of the major benefits of focusing on culture has been happier employees who are motivated to work harder individually and as more of a team. In turn, we’ve experienced business development and growth, as well as higher patient satisfaction.”

– Sandy Fragale, CPA, Administrator, Orthopedic & Sports Medicine Specialists of Green Bay


“We originally started working with Utech for internal transition planning several years ago. Utech advised us on what we should consider, based on their experience and analysis of our company. Utech effectively guided, coached, and often pushed our management team toward defining common goals. Our firm has clearly benefited from the advice, support, and training provided by the Utech team.

The focus on values and culture has been a huge part of our transition planning success. We have used our values to define our culture and continue to make this part of our ongoing dialog. We use the Baisch values as the foundation for everything from candidate screening, team rules of engagement, conflict resolution discussions, project performance reviews, and how we present ourselves to clients. Through this process we have captured the essence of our company culture and have a way to communicate and preserve our core values. We have used our values to help normalize constructive feedback and continuous improvement. We have also been somewhat surprised at the positive reaction from potential clients when we have included a discussion of our values when introducing Baisch. We have new client relationships directly related to our common values.”

– Kurt Kloehn, President, Baisch Engineering



“Value Driver Assessments were very eye-opening and insightful, providing the critical first step toward team formation. We learned that, as a conflict-avoidant group, we must focus our energies and efforts … using the tools Utech taught us to embrace conflict rather than avoid it.”

– Alisa Gerke, Executive Director, Unity Hospice


“Green Bay Oncology partnered with Utech for organizational and leadership development. We chose Utech because they were willing to train our leaders and help them independently develop members within our organization. Today, GBO has a much stronger culture that aligns with our business and vision strategy, allowing us to be prepared for the constantly changing healthcare environment.”

– Jenny Kolar, RN, Chief Operating Officer, and David Groteluschen, MD, President, Green Bay Oncology



“The Utech organization has provided Services Plus valuable assistance in becoming a more productive and effective organization. Our leadership today is better aligned to our values and each other, and we are spending less time dealing with people issues and more time helping everyone achieve their potential.

What started with a limited engagement to help screen general manager candidates has grown into a transformational relationship of coaching, support and education that has made a real difference in the energy, alignment and effectiveness of our people and organization. I wish we had started this process years earlier.”

– Tom Schumacher, co-owner & CFO, and Mike Schumacher, co-owner & President, Services Plus




“Utech worked directly with all members of our executive group and played a key role in getting this group of functional executives to come together as a team.

We could count on them to politely and candidly address the ‘elephant in the room’, which‎ ultimately led to more transparent discussions within our group. Simply put, they understand people and why we behave the way we do.”  

– Michael J. Haddad, President & CEO, Schreiber Foods, Inc.



“Before, I did what I was good at . . . making things happen . . . but as our business got bigger, things not only weren’t happening, they were getting worse. Utech helped me understand I was the key part of the problem, and would be key to the solution. It starts with having to understand much more about myself. Boy, was that hard!”

– Tom Lardinois, Co-owner, Wiretech Fabricators, Inc.




“The process of ‘Recapturing the Growth Track’ that Utech introduced us to is the sole reason we’re successful today. I can’t tell you what a breath of fresh air this is. We tried the big-company solutions and lost a lot of our responsiveness and effectiveness. This process has us both responsive and effective again, and helped us grow from $6.5 million to almost $10 million. We’re no longer our own worst enemies!”

– Steve and Keith Stroobants, former owners, American Finishing Resources


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