The root causes of problems that prevent growth

Culture, values and leadership that are in alignment are at the foundation of any successful organization

When your roots are healthy, growth occurs. When they’re not, the results are painful and disastrous. Our proven interactional focus allows us to get at the roots of problems quickly. We dig deep to understand who you are. Identifying issues, opportunities and needs. Discovering the relational barriers and workplace issues that limit personal and corporate performance and growth. Recognizing that problems are opportunities and that symptoms are never the problem. Creating a positive environment for conflict management to occur.

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Emotional Avoidance in the Workplace

I once had someone close to me say, “I don’t do emotions.” At the time, I couldn’t help but laugh because of the sheer hilariocity of the situation. But as I step away and look at society, I began to notice how so much our lives are built around this concept of withholding your emotions. [...]



FreshStart brings individuals, couples and families the tools and techniques that make it possible for each person to follow through.

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